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E-Prime Writer provides a text-editing interface meant to serve as a tool to help one learn to express oneself and explain ideas and theories without the metaphysical crutch of be-verbs. A practice built upon the anti-Aristotelian philosophy of Polish mathematician Aflred Korzybski, learning e-prime can improve the quality and impact of one's thinking, writing, and speaking. It has proven particularly useful in scientific writing.


The Kingkiller Chronicle is my favorite fantasy series since Tolkien. Written by Patrick Rothfuss, the characters, dialog, plot, and worldbuilding are all delightful to experience. In a way, Kingkiller parodies traditional fantasy lit, but at the same time it accomplishes some of the best storytelling in the genre. It's also eminently quotable. So, I built this app to share some of my favorite quotes from the world of Temerant.

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