The First Lesson

What has philosophy to do with the web?

The internet and the worldwide web have claimed significant ground in the field of the philosophy of technology. Many interesting and important discoveries and discussions have come out of investigating human interaction with technology, the nature of technology as a living human artifact, and the impact of technology on human society. And as a philosopher all of this interests me.

At the same time, as a philosopher who works as a web professional, I'm more interested in how my training in philosophy has informed my experience in this field. I'm interested in what I want to call philosophy for web developers. I'm intrigued by overlap between various areas of philosophy and the work of designing and writing the programs that power the web.

I've noticed both general analogies between my respective professional worlds, and specific instances in which philosophy has informed my work and given me tools to operate more effectively. And not just with respect to technical work. Interaction with clients and colleagues triggers as many philosophical analogies as working with databases and program logic.

That's where I want to kick this off. On the human side.

The First Lesson

The first lesson in philosophy can be stated in various ways. But my way is best.

04.08.20191 Min Read — In Philosophy for Web Developers