Reading Strategies

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Speed Reading

Learning to see words as pictures.

Bionic Reading

This one’s relatively new to me. I’ve only occasionally read articels bionically (Is that a word? I guess it has to be), and haven’t tried it on anything longform.

But it’s an interesting pitch.

Bionic Reading wants to revolutionize reading. Our mission is: “A higher dimension of reading.” The eye is guided through text much more effectively with the aid of typographic highlights – thus creating a completely new reading experience. The Bionic Reading technology is characterized by a specific interaction of the parameters “Fixation”, “Saccade” and “Markup”. More focus. Less distraction. More reading pleasure.

Too early to tell how much value I’m getting out of it. Honestly my experience thus far is pretty neutral. The movemnt of focus across the test feels smooth, and perhaps a little speedier than my default. But I’m not sure the amount of weight variance created by starting each term off with the boldest letter creates the most natural and efficient flow, particularly w/r/t one to three letter words.

I’m curious what kind of cadence might result from a more selective highlighting strategy. Following the theory of speed reading could result in an even richer experience, for example by drawing out terms by degrees of familiarity, and theryby aiding the whole picture reading thing.

Last Word

These are the only strategies I’m actively working on currently. With the caveat that my experience with and effort towards learning bionic reading is limited, I suspect speed reading will have the bigger impact for me.