Links: September, 2019

Some good reads and listens I've encountered recently:


  • The ecologist who wants to map everything more trees and other green stuff!
  • Why It’s Hard to Learn from the Learning Sciences an article by Jay Lynch, a former colleague at Pearson. I find his critique of learning science and consequent admonition towards “abundant skepticism, intellectual modesty, and a commitment to gradual improvement” both sobering and encouraging.
  • I Was Wrong About Speed Reading: Here are the Facts learning expert Scott Young has spent a lot of time studying and practicing the tactics of speed reading. What he reports here resonates entirely with my experience, meagre as it is. But I do spend a lot of my reading energies on things that are either new to me or highly technical, both of which are poor use cases for speed reading.
  • Spectral: A New Screen-First Typeface speaking of visual reading, I loved this Spectral typeface so much I’ve implemented it as my primary serif font on this website.


Tyler Andor
September 28, 2019
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