Week 8: Innovation & Entrepreneurship

October 15, 2011by

This lecture examines the moral dimensions of innovation and entrepreneurship, focusing on the way in which virtues of change can affect people, organizations, and the world as a whole.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship


This is Broken

One of the driving forces behind our need for innovators and change makers is the fact that there are so many dysfunctional and broken systems and ways of doing things. This is true of both our private and public worlds. In this talk from the Gel conference, Seth Godin draws attention to the pervasiveness of “broken things” in the world today.

Where Good Ideas Come From

Steven Johnson has done pioneering work on the roots of innovation and entrepreneurship: good ideas. Here he discusses what he has discovered about the various personal and social situations from which good ideas spring.

The whiteboard version:

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Cameron Herald is what one might call a natural entrepreneur. He’s personally wired for the work, and was raised in an atmosphere of entrepreneurial insight. In this talk he challenges a common conception of entrepreneurs, and calls for greater public attention to fostering entrepreneurial talent.

In this talk from the Web 2.0 Expo, Gary Vaynerchuck delivers a message about the openness of today’s marketplace to entrepreneurial work: you can monetize anything. The opportunities for making a living doing what you love have opened up to such a degree that if you want to make a living doing something, whatever that might be, you probably can. Would more people following their passions professionally make for a better world?

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