Week 7: Freedom of the Press

October 9, 2011by
In this lecture we examine the democratic roots of the free press, and consider various moral issues surrounding journalists of different kinds.

The Freedom of the Press

The Filter Bubble

As we just saw illustrated by Alissa Miller, decisions about news coverage profoundly affect what we perceive to be going on in the world. Here, Eli Pariser uncovers how many of the main media channels of the web do the same thing in a more comprehensive way.

Why the World Needs Wikileaks

Here TED curator Chris Anderson questions Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, on the purpose and goals of the international whistle-blower organization at the heart of todays’ debate on the values of secrecy vs. transparency and accountability.

Spreading the News About the Free Press

Sasa Vucinic, a journalist from Belgrade, talks about his new fund, which applies venture-capital principles to create a sustainable free press in developing nations and countries emerging from repressive regimes. “We want to create a new class of media entrepreneurs,” he says.