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Social@Scale Ebooksprinklr has just released an indispensable guide for enterprise marketing managers, and I would say a helpful one for anyone in marketing or social media management generally: Social@Scale: WHAT 30 OF THE BEST MINDS IN SOCIAL THINK LARGE BRANDS MUST DO TO SUCCEED IN BEING SOCIAL AT SCALE

The book begins with three brief but information packed pages including a definition of the term ‘Social@Scale’ and two infographics entitled “How to Plan and Deliver a Global Social Media Deployment” and “The 6 “Must Haves” for Any Enterprise Social RFP”. These are followed by 30 chapters written by “the social media dream team,” which are divided into 5 sections:

  1. It’s Time to Start Thinking Social@Scale
  2. Are you READY to be Social@Scale? Organization, Tools & Tactics
  3. Social@Scale Organizational Models
  4. Content & Conversation to be Social@Scale
  5. Branding in a Social@Scale World

The book concludes with a “readiness assessment” that asks the question, “Is Your Organization Ready to be Social at Scale?” The assessment grades your enterprise on a scale of three levels of maturity.

Social@Scale is a free to download (.pdf), nicely designed and easy to read ebook.

Two Things

This book is filled with useful information, from fairly standard social media marketing guidance to inspiring insights on what it takes to do social media right at enterprise scale.

On a first reading there are two things that strike me as particularly important for anyone doing marketing today:

  1. Discernment: Social media is not the best answer to everyone’s marketing questions.
  2. Power: Social media is only as powerful as it is personal.

One of the easiest ways to dismiss something new is to regard it as a fad. This is an understandable reaction in a way, one of the biggest problems with trends being the wave of uncritical adoption that follows in their wake. A trend becomes a trend for a reason, though, and deserves some critical attention.

Like every good method, strategy, or procedure, social media isn’t the best marketing solution for all companies. Each one must discern whether the product or service they have to offer will be able to take advantage of what social media has to offer. In the final chapter of the book Thomas Baekdal puts the defining criteria in a simple statement:

If you want do social media at scale, you must have a product that people care about following.
Thomas Baekdal

If you don’t understand and care about what people care about, you aren’t very likely to succeed with social media, certainly not in the long run.


One of the most powerful things social media marketing can give your brand, if you do it right, is a relationship with people interested in what you have to say, what you have to share, and what you have to sell. It’s a virtual relationship to be sure, but that doesn’t mean it has to be an impersonal one. In fact the permission, the attention, and the influence involved in a relationship established via the channels of social media could become your most powerful marketing asset.

As it is with any good relationship, you have to care:

I could use a whole bunch of buzzwords to explain what Social@ Scale is and how to do it.

But the fact is, it’s rather simple: To properly scale social media, you have to care.

You have to care about what your audience wants. You have to care about how they’ll communicate with you. You have to care about how your employees feel about you.

You won’t always gain the love and approval of your audience, but if you respond when they have problems, you’ll earn their respect.
Amy Vernon

The question, it seems to me, is whether you are willing to find the staff and commit the resources necessary to establish the type of relationships that will help you grow organically. In other words, are you ready to build a tribe?

One More Thing

My favorite part of the book comes at the end: the summary cartoon by Hugh: