Mental Notes: Psychology for Web Design

December 28, 2011by

Design incorporates insights from virtually every niche of human knowledge and experience. Organization and presentation of these insights, however, tends to happen rather randomly. Most often we have to seek them out and discover them for ourselves.

Still, every so often a designer publishes their research in a way that benefits the entire design community. I recently discovered a gem of such work mined from the field of Psychology. Mental Notes reflects on ways in which principles of behavioral psychology might be applied to web design and displays them in the handy and playful form of singular, illustrated cards.

As creator Stephen P. Anderson explains:

In the midst of a busy project it’s all too easy to forget the nuances that distinguish great products. Mental Notes brings together 50 insights from psychology into an easy reference and brainstorming tool. Each card describes one insight into human behavior and suggests ways to apply this to the design of Web sites, Web apps, and software applications.

Mental Notes could make an insight inspiring addition to any creative workspace. Here are a couple examples of what you can expect:

You can preview more examples by downloading a copy of the first 7 cards (download .pdf), and if you place your order before January 1, 2012, half of the proceeds will go to help Keith Anderson.