Health, Food & Environment

April 13, 2011by

Talks on environmental ethics, and its connection to way humans produce and consume food in the world.


An update from Al Gore on climate change statistics.

Stewart Brand, and early American environmentalist and founder of the Whole Earth Catalog, exposes four myths of traditional thinking on environmental issues.


Using the tools of motion graphic design, this video created by Denis van Waerebeke visualizes the basic elements of food production in the world:

How to feed the world ? from Denis van Waerebeke on Vimeo.

Dan Barber, a chef at Blue Hill Restaurant in New York, tells a story revealing what may be possible in food production if more sustainable priorities were to be embraced.

In addition to the way food is produced and distributed today having detrimental effects on both the environment and quality of the food, its effect upon human health in the more developed parts of the world is drawing more and more scrutiny. In this talk, Jamie Oliver explains the motivations behind his Food Revolution, a movement to improve the quality of food served in public schools in the US.