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June 2, 2011by

In The War of Art author Steven Pressfield gave a name to the malicious force that opposes and interrupts creative work: the Resistance, which he defined as

an energy field radiating from a work-in-potential. It’s a repelling force. It’s negative.Its aim is to shove us away, distract us, prevent us from doing our work.

Resistance is what keeps an entrepreneur from making the cold calls he knows he has to, to get his business rolling. It’s the force that keeps an aspiring painter away from her studio, or makes a writer back off from the blank page. Resistance stops us from going to the gym, from meditating, from donating our time to a cause we believe in.

Through Seth Godin and his team’s new publishing venture The Domino Project, Pressfield has now put a sword in the hands of entrepreneurs and creative professionals in the form of a guidebook called Do the Work. Not in the strict sense a follow up to The War of Art, Do the Work is described by Pressfield as “designed to coach you through a project (a book, a ballet, a new business venture, a philanthropic enterprise) from conception to finished product, seeing it from the point of view of Resistance.”

Here’s Pressfield explaining his vision for overcoming Resistance:

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A challenge remains, however, even with as sagacious a guide as Pressfield: How do you hold yourself accountable to the process when things start to fall apart? The Resistance is serpentine, and if it discovers reading and following the manual is steering you down the river of productivity it will find a way to tip your canoe. Such tipping points–Pressfield calls them crashes–come in nearly every project, and when they do you need another kind of help, something outside of yourself to pull you back in, encourage you, or kick you in the pants.

Enter my friend Andy Traub with a genius solution: the Do the Work Community. Knowing the wiliness of the Resistance, Andy has build a platform for a community of do-the-workers to come together and support one another in the struggle against Resistance. As he describes it,

This is a structured community that will help you work through the principles in Pressfield’s book to complete your project. Together we will fight the resistance through accountability and assistance to help you ship whatever great thing you’re being called to create.

Still in its inception, the Do the Work Community is a one-of-a-kind place to find the encouragement and accountability you need to keep slaying the dragon of the Resistance.

So, do you have a creative project you want to see through from conception to completion? Learn more about the community, or apply to join right now.

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