Design & Thinking – The Movie

September 17, 2012by

Among the recent trends in entrepreneurship and business management is design thinking, broadly defined as ‘the use of principles and methods from design to solve problems arising in other fields.’ While this strategy, if we can call it that, has caught the attention of at least the most cutting edge researchers and business leaders, not everyone to whom it might be useful has caught wind of if. It could use a hearing among a broader, more popular audience.

What better way to reach a popular audience than a movie?

Muris Media, in collaboration with Taipei Design Center U.S., have created just that: a film to introduce and explain design thinking in what is probably the most popular medium of our time. It doesn’t have the makings of a Hollywood blockbuster, of course, but it should help to spread the influence of design thinking, or the awareness of it at the very least.

Here is the trailer:

Here are a few points drawn from the trailer that I hope will sink in for viewers:

  • Creativity is not in your genes. You can learn it.
  • Without experimentation you will have stagnation.
  • Experimentation is the best way forward, and to do it well you will have to get used to risk and failure.
  • Failure is the best way to succeed, particularly if you can learn to fail quickly and cheaply.
  • Human experience is the catalyst of design.

On another note, design thinking is not without its critics, ranging from those who have dismissed it out of hand to people who initially supported, even pioneered the idea. Among the latter is Bruce Nussbaum, whose Design Thinking is a Failed Experiment. So What’s Next? presents and informed critique while upholding the role of creativity in business.

You can find a list of the dates and locations for screenings, or request to host a screening, at Design & Thinking.