Attention Online

December 16, 2011by

If this is true, what does it mean for your content publishing strategy?

It’s an important question to ask: Are you giving enough attention and care to your content to make it really great? (It seems pretty obvious the other end of the spectrum is not what you want to aim for.)

On the other hand this type of question can be overwhelming. Setting too high a bar, it could stifle productivity. As Paul Valery noted of poetry, “A poem is never finished, only abandoned.” So it is with any design project: you can always tweak one more little thing you think might improve the whole. If you take greatness to mean perfection, you might get stuck trying to turn the screw just a little tighter, again and again. In this sense, you have to balance the drive for greatness with the art of abandonment.

The insight represented here probably has more comical than practical value. People will pay attention to anything they find value in. Those who value your work make up your tribe. The question is: How you’re going to find them, and they you?

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