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Painting Sandro Botticelli Temptations of Christ
Sandro Botticelli, “Temptations of Christ” (1481-82)

David was only a child
And Jesus judged unworthy of human life
To spite the wisdom of the world they were
By God’s design crowned
King of men
King of Kings.

Into the wilderness David fled
From the tyranny of Saul
And Jesus by the Holy Spirit was driven
Into temptation
The enemies of God destined to fall
Saul by the sword
Satan by the cross.

David was led into his kingdom
And Jesus raised, enthroned on high
That the people of God may have a home
A land the greatest in all the earth
And in the highest heaven
A New Jerusalem.

References: David’s Anointing | Jesus’ Anointing | David Flees from Saul | Jesus Led into the Wilderness | David’s Kingdom | The New Jerusalem